Monday, 13 June 2011

Honestly, I do need this!!!

I was in John Lewis this week when I spotted this teapot - not just any teapot - the Orla Kiely teapot - Oh my god I need one of those - but not a week goes past when I dont knock over a glass, or break a cup, so if I am ever lucky enough to own one it would probably have to sit on the shelf and just be admired from afar!
And then I went online and I found this, long is it until christmas - is it too early to start my christmas list?

Any other Orla Kiely addicts out there?


  1. Oh I need an Orla Keily teapot so much too....and I don't even LIKE tea!!

  2. Those look just like the ones I used to have - the same shape - the lot