Friday, 17 June 2011

Folksy Friday

I use pattern in most of my work, and with so many talented pattern artists out there and fantastic blogs such as I thought this week I would show off a variety of patterned items from folksy sellers. These are a few of my favourites...

Love No 2 5x7" Print from Lolas Room

Retro Orla Flower iphone fabric cover sleeve from Crabtree Lane

Green Damask Pears from ialbert

Rag Quilt Baby Snuggle Mat from Old Friendship Crafts

Hardback fabric covered notebook from Green Grass

Cushion - Retro Viewfinder from Lemur Lady

So pop on over to Folksy for all of these and other fantastic handmade finds...


  1. Lovely colourful items - loads of retro stuff coming back into fashion - what do they say "what goes around comes around" or something like that. Being a compulsive tidier upper I have never kept any of my old clothes or jewellery - probably worth a fortune now!

  2. Colourful and lovely collection!
    Thanks for featuring my pears collection

  3. Thanks so much for featuring my snuggle quilt - I am glad that you like it - I thought the fabrics were amazing and asked to be made into something nice! I lurrrve the iphone cover fabric - will have to have a bit of a click through there to Crabtree Lane! Thanks again, Jane xx

  4. Thank you for featuring my cushion! Lovely company to be in :)

  5. What fabulous prints. I love the retro style at the moment

  6. Fab patterns! Love this selection. Some good shops to go and see on Folksy - thank you!