Friday, 21 January 2011

Folksy Friday

With January nearing its end, I decided that I should turn my thoughts to February, and valentines day for this weeks Folksy Friday - so here are my favourite Folksy valentine cards and decorations.....

Heart Print Tape from Magic Alice

Love Heart Stickers from Little Bird Too

Linoprint Hearts Valentines Card from Handmade by Kaela Mills

Personalised Valentines Handcut Card from Quite Contrary Crafts

Love Scrabble Valentines Card from Doddlelove

The Valentine Heart by Flamingos from ialbert

Theres plenty of gorgeous hadmade valentines cards and gifts on folksy so why not pop on over there and check it out...


  1. Great pics!really love that tape and the flamingo card,xx

  2. Thanks for featuring my work, love your collection.

  3. Thanks so much!!! I feel privileged to be included.